Tasmania in 4K is insanely good-looking | Video

© Filippo Rivetti
By Red Bull Australia

It's no secret that Tasmania is one of Australia's most handsome chunks of land. In fact, there are rumours it might even be the most handsome chunk of land in the whole of the southern hemisphere. And this 4K timelapse from Filippo Rivetti does absolutely nothing to disprove those rumours.

There's something about Tassie that's inherently wild - the landscapes are more vast, the forests thicker, the water clearer, the sky more blue and the beaches more pristine.

In this clip, shot by Rivetti clip during a two-week road trip around the island, the magic of this small Australian gem is illustrated in an immaculate four minutes.

Watch, enjoy, then book your tickets to Tassie. Your excuses for not visiting are running out...

Explore more of Filippo Rivetti's work on his website.


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