What makes trail runners push themselves so hard?

An insight into the lives and philosophies of the ultra-fit.
© Andy Lloyd/Axis Aerial Works
By Red Bull Australia

Competitive trail running is a strange world. On one hand, individuals are simply out to test the limits of their physical and mental endurance. On the other, they're out to win. That's why it's called 'competitive' trail running and not 'we don't mind who comes first or last, as long as they're trail running' trail running. 

In 'It's Just Running', filmmaker Andy Lloyd follows Salomon athletes Majell Backhausen and Lucinda Hitchings as they take on the monster 75km Buffalo Stampede 'Ultra SkyMarathon' event.

Taking place every year in Bright, Victoria, the event pits trail runners from all over the world against one another and against themselves.

This clip gives us a unique insight into the world of trail runners, and sheds some light on the philosophy driving those who dedicate their entire lives to it.

"If you’re got the desire to push yourself out of your comfort zone, how good is that going to be or you when you come up against real problems in life?" ponders Backhausen in the clip. It's a pertinent point: one that could be applied to every single adventure discipline, from weekend hikes to free-climbing and everything in between.

Director: Andy Lloyd
Producer: Rob Lloyd
DOP: Cam Batten
Second Camera: Andy Lloyd
Edit / Grade: Andy Lloyd
Sound Design / Mix: Andy Lloyd
Shot on: RED Epic and Canon 5D



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