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Exclusive preview of Jonny Durand’s Weather Channel documentary
By Josh Rakic

The full feature documentary of hang-gliding champ Jonny Durand’s world record attempt dropped in the US over the weekend and while it won’t be available to stream in Australia for another week, Jonny has shared the trailer online.

The Weather Channel doco, that covers Jonny’s attempt to beat the existing 761km world distance record and the science behind it, was met with praise on debut Monday and will screen a further five times over the course of the month.

It won the attention of news outlets such as USA Today and counts as one the best mainstream pieces on the sport according to Jonny and his fellow pilots.

“I’m happy with it - though the record would have been nice - and I think they did a very well done in-depth look into the type of hang gliding that we normally do for competition-type flying,” Jonny says.

“This wasn’t recreational flying. They explained everything very well and it is probably the best showing of hang-gliding ever on prime time TV.

“I can’t wait until it is streamed in Australia. “

It’s expected a 4k stream of the documentary will be made available next week on The Weather Channel’s YouTube page.

In the meantime, Jonny is training near Los Angeles in preparation for a return to competition with the Pre-Worlds in Brazil late next month. The Pre-Worlds run alternate to the World Championships at the same location and the world championship is one of few to allude Jonny over the course of his 15-year professional career.

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