Feel like you’re on the ledge of a 100m building

Your heart rate will go through the roof (no pun intended) with this awesome 360° video.
Abudi Alsagoff on the edge of a bridge in Putrajaya, Malaysia
Abudi Alsagoff sits on the edge of a bridge © KEO FILMS/Red Bull Content Pool
By Corinna Halloran

Ever wonder what it would feel like to stand on the edge of a building and look down? To feel alone way up high on the city’s tallest buildings and look down on all the little cars and people. Now you can get as close as you want to the edge with this 360° video.

As part of Red Bull TV's Urbex series, this 360° video brings you straight to the edge whilst simultaneously introducing you to three of the series’s urbexers: Abudi Alsagoff, Oleg Cricket and Bryce Wilson. Whether it’s a handstand on a dewy bridge or breaching an abandoned building, stand alongside the urbexers and learn about the death-defying stunts these men perform as they push themselves to the literal edge.

Red Bull TV’s Urbex brings you into the minds and lives of the men and women who are urban explorers. Many may say the explorers have a death wish, however in reality it’s quite the opposite. Although you learn that most of them are comfortable with the risk, the explorers are simply looking for new ways to push and enhance their lives.

Watch the 360° video now

© KEO FILMS/Red Bull Content Pool

For the best experience, click on the video, grab a VR headset, headphones and your mobile phone with the latest version of the YouTube app for Android and iOS devices. The 360° video works without a headset too; move the camera, physically move your mobile device from left to right, or use your device’s touch screen to move the camera manually.

Finally, if you only have access to your computer, you will need the latest version of the Google Chrome web browser to view the 360° video correctly. To move the camera, either click and drag using your mouse, use the directional controls on the top left of the video player, or use the W, A, S and D keys on your keyboard.

Trust us, your heart rate will skyrocket.

If you want to experience more amazing Urbex moments, meet Oleg Cricket as he brings you to the tops of Moscow’s tallest buildings.

Or, head over to Red Bull TV's Urbex now and binge watch all the incredible episodes.

Abudi Alsagoff
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