Watch the trailer of this new epic kite film

This movie is going to make you want to do one thing: get on the water and enjoy life!
By Dom Granger

I find kiting the best sport in the world. You just go where the wind takes you.

Sir Richard Branson

Kiteboarding is one of those disciplines that is still young enough to be a novelty for many, while having now seen a few generations of riders and styles along the years.

Being one of the most exciting – and accessible – action sport out there, it’s no wonder it quickly carves an important place in the heart of most people who start the discipline. The feeling of freedom is like in no other sport, and the lifestyle that goes with it makes many completely change their lives to follow their new passion… and the wind.

We spent years traveling the globe documenting kiteboarders from different walks of life.

Bob van de Gronde, Director

This time around kiteboarding comes to us through the voices and faces of some of the most inspiring riders, celebrated legends, current champions and future stars of the sport. This first ever feature-length kiteboarding movie will take us to the most amazing spots around the world.

Chapter One is exactly what the world and the sport need. With such beautiful stories, locations and personalities, I hope people will live life to the fullest and go kiteboarding themselves.

Ruben Lenten

This inspiring and stunning movie will premiere on September 15 in San Francisco and shortly after in Europe at the premiere in Amsterdam. The film will then tour in cinemas around the world, and will premiere for free on Red Bull TV for 24 hours on the October 10, after which it will be available for download via iTunes, Google play, Xbox, Playstation and Amazon.

Wondering who's in the movie? Check out the list below

Australia: Keahi De Aboitiz
Brazil: Bruna Kajiya, Carlos Mario
Canada: Sam Medysky
Germany: Susi Mai
Denmark: Nick Jacobsen
Spain: Liam Whaley
Hawaii: Pete Cabrinha, Rick Naish, Robby Naish, Jesse Richman
Netherlands: Jalou Langeree, Kevin Langeree, Youri Zoon, Ruben Lenten
South Africa: Graham Howes
UK: Richard Branson, Sam Light, Aaron Hadlow
US: Kellen Hall, Don Montague (US-Canadian)

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