This filmmaker captured Iceland's sheer beauty

© Matt Goff
By Red Bull Australia

Iceland, despite having an average temperautre of 0 degrees (in the south, anyway), is extremely hot right now. So hot is it, that the number of international visitors Iceland received more than doubled between 2010 and 2015 (488,000 - 1,289,100). That's some growth.

If you type 'Iceland travel video' into YouTube, you get about 500,000 results. As great as this is, it makes it VERY difficult to find the good ones. So after stumbliing across filmmaker Matt Goff's incredible  Víðsýni video and realising that it's one of the best travel clips we've ever seen, we just couldn't keep it to ourselves.

Filmed over two weeks road-tripping through Iceland, Víðsýni (an Icelandic term for a panoramic view or open-mindedness), artfully captures the country's landscapes and natural wonders.

There's an understated class here, too. The video is not brightly-coloured and hyper-edited like so many other travel clips - it's just Iceland: no filters and no-nonsense.

It'll leave you feeling at once inspired and melancholic. And, most importantly, it'll make you want to jump on the next flight to Iceland.

Check out more of Matt Goff's incredible filmmaking and photography on his website.

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