This clip perfectly sums up why we love adventure

"What was it like to roam freely? Like the birds that swim through the layers of light?
© Josh Brine
By Red Bull Australia

It's always so hard to put into words that feeling we get from stepping outside our comfort zones. Whether it's trying a new kind of food, jumping off a bridge or traversing some foreign land. It's that peculiar feeling of freedom and melancholy, of hope and fear.

Many, many people have tried to describe the feeling we get when we take adventures. Few come as close to nailing it, though, as Josh Brine has in his epic video Pioneer

In the clip, Josh, a filmmaker based in Portland, Oregon, pairs visual subtlety and understatement with a profound (and not over-earnest) voiceover to create a kind of call-to-arms for anyone who just wants to huck it.

And if you're wandering where it's shot, it's in the Faroe Islands, a small island cluster between Iceland and Norway. Pretty goodlooking, huh?

Get inspired by more of Josh's work on his website.

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