120 Urbex seconds to make you feel vertigo

Hold on tight for these GoPro wow moments from the thrilling Urbex series.
By Corinna Halloran

If, during this video, you start shouting "No, No," while being simultaneously unable to take your eyes off the action, that's exactly what Urban Explorers Vadim Makhorov and Vitaliy Raskalov want. Red Bull TV's newest show Urbex brings all of their incredible action straight to your eyeballs.

Urban Explorer Vitaliy Raskalov captures a vertigo-inducing GoPro POV on a sky-high construction site
Vitaliy Raskalov holds a GoPro above a city © © KEO FILMS/Red Bull Content Pool
GoPro shot of Urbexer Vadim Makhorov climbing high on the construction site of the Palais Royale in Mumbai, India
Vadim Makhorov climbing the Palais Royale © KEO FILMS/Red Bull Content Pool

Unlike fellow Russian urban explorer Oleg Cricket, Makhorov and Raskalov aren't doing flips and tricks on the narrow edge of a tall building. However, they do head up outrageously tall buildings and create viral videos from their ballsy climbs.

From Christ the Redeemer in Rio to the Palace Royale in Mumbai and, famously, up the skyscrapers in Hong Kong, the pair take you to unreal heights around the world thanks to their GoPros.

Urban Explorer Vadim Makhorov takes a GoPro view over Mumbai from the top of a towering construction site
Vadim Makhorov hands over the city © © KEO FILMS/Red Bull Content Pool
GoPro of Vadim Makhorov hanging feet from a crane © KEO FILMS / Red Bull Content Pool

Walking above the clouds and under the noses of security guards, the two professionals make their way from the ground to heights so far above the ground that cars are no longer visible. Which, if you think about it, is a pretty incredible feat in 2016, when the world is so densely populated. These guys are defining what it means to be an Urban Explorer.

Want to see more epic videos from dizzying heights? Check out the best moments from Max Ross and Zack Burke's exploration of Toronto. And then head over to Red Bull TV's Urbex and enjoy the entire series.

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