This clip proves that Norway is out to blow minds

© Greg Dennis
By Red Bull Australia

Northern Norway is a beautiful place. We know this because filmmakers like Greg Dennis are putting out clips, like this one, that show us beyond all reasonable doubt that northern Norway is a beautiful place.

In 'The Blue Time', Dennis masterfully captures the incredible wildlife and wilderness of this part of the world: the whales, the sunsets, the forests, the northern's all here. The subject of Dennis' short film - aside from the region itself - is Jeff Allen, an Englishman who visits northern Norway once or twice a year, every year.

Over the courst of his visits, Allen became so enamoured with the dog sledding trips he was embarking on that he decided to begin leading expeditions himself. "When you're caught up in the pack," Allen says in the clip, "You feed off their energy. If you're quite lazy by nature, they'll cheer you along."

Allen goes on to wax lyrical about why he thinks it's important for us all to step outside of our comfort zones every once in a while. That's definitely a philosophy we can get behind.

Explore more of Greg Dennis' work on his website.

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