This guy nails the psychology of Ultra Running

© Alexander Adams
By Red Bull Australia

Every single person on this earth draws inspiration from somewhere. But for Ultra Runners, who get a kick out of running 50k+ over tough and rugged terrain, their inspiration needs to be tough as nails.

In this clip from filmmaker Alexander Adams, Ultra Runner Sven Walther spends six minutes talking us through the ins and the outs of why he does what he does. "It's time to discover to who I am as a person," says Walther. "When I don't have the opportunity to run for several affects me. It affects my mood. It affects my health. It affects the way my body feels. [Running] is really what keeps me going."

Walther goes on to talk about his toughest races, the potential of failure, and the importance of always believing that you're going to finish.

Whatever kind of adventurer you are, you're sure to be able to pull some inspiration out of this awesome clip.

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