Watch the first 200m slackline at high altitude!

See Pablo Signoret, Rafael Bridi and Guilherme Coury record the longest highline at 3,000m altitude.
By Corinna Halloran

Lately it seems like another brave athlete is doing something cool on a slackline each week. But this one might take the cake (or at least a mountain of cupcakes). For one, you've an amazing performance but then you also have the unique place, a bona-fide adventure, and a beautiful video of perfect slacklining in action. And here's the frosting: you get into the minds of the athletes themselves.

Introducing The Kid (Pablo Signoret), The Bandit (Rafael Bridi) and The Friend Who Had To Carry Everything (Guilherme Coury) – they're the athletes who harnessed their courage and crossed a 200m-long highline, between two sharp peaks in the French Alps, 3,000m above sea level. And so this group of high achievers set a record for longest slackline at such heights in this part of the world.

A man walks across a slackline in the mountains
Pablo ‘The Kid’ Signoret hits record-breaking form © Pierre Chauffour

“If you ask Pablo and Rafael, they’ll tell you just go up to this place and you’ll understand (why they chose Dibona). This place is unique. It’s lost in the mountains, the Dibona is very different than all the other summits in the French Alps: very thin, steep, and huge. So, the place fits perfectly for a first alpine highline experience before the next projects.”

– Pierre Chauffour, film-maker


We’ve seen incredible accomplishments in slacklining before, but these guys had to factor in everything from dizzying heights to the staggering distance, dwindling supplies of oxygen, excessive leves of wind, and remote location.

“The journey that this adventure represents was the main challenge,” said Chauffour. “Crossing the highline wasn’t the big deal this time. The guys had to walk more than five days to reach the spot, carrying very heavy backpacks [25-40kg] to rig the highline.”

In their bags they carried the slackline webbing, climbing gear, GoPros, a drone, extra layers of clothing, and five days' worth of food. All this prove that this world record wasn’t necessarily about the destination but the adventure – although reaching the peak of Aiguille Dibona and crossing the 200m slackline was the whole aim of the project.

A man unpacks his bag in the mountains
Pablo Signoret prepares to cross slackline © Pierre Chauffour

So why attempt something of this magnitude? Good question – how else are you going to push the sport of slacklining if you don’t continuously push the bar higher and higher? For The Kid, The Bandit, and The Friend Who Had To Carry Everything, this is clearly just the beginning of something remarkable. That said, this trio are keeping their lips sealed about where their next adventure will take them.

“It’s a secret. Longer highlines, higher summits," said Chauffour. "The main goal is to enjoy it as much as possible and spend some great time with friends, rig awesome highlines in unique and beautiful places. And if it’s a record, it’s great but not the main purpose.”

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