Fox back in the water after bronze at The Games

Canoe and kayak world champ Jess Fox opens up on Rio ahead of World Cup in Prague
Jess Fox in Prague for the World Cup © @jessfox94 via Instagram
By Josh Rakic

She’s one of only five women to ever win two medals at the Olympics in a kayak, and Rio bronze medallist Jess Fox hasn’t wasted anytime preparing to return to the top of the rankings, jumping back in the water this weekend in search of World Cup series victory in Prague.
In the penultimate round of the series that began before Brazil, the reigning C1 World Cup champion is looking to not just defend that crown but reclaim the K1 title that eluded her last year.
We caught up with her in Prague to get her thoughts on the Games and the upcoming contest.

RB: Jess! Two weeks since Brazil. How's it all feel looking back and snatching bronze!?

JF: It's sunk in now and I'm really proud of what I've achieved! Winning a second Olympic medal is pretty tough in my sport and only five women have ever achieved that. So while the dream goal was that gold medal, it's great to be on that podium after such a tough race! The conditions were hard on race day, there was a lot of wind and I didn't manage to race the way I wanted to so I'm not so much disappointed that I didn't win the gold, it's more just frustration that I wasn't able to paddle freely because of the wind.
It was a really good experience to learn from, some women dealt with it better on the day and I saw just how close I was from the gold, but I also could have ended up being a fifth or 10th... That's the great part of my sport I guess, anything can happen on the day.

You’re in Prague this weekend for round four of the World Cup series. Will there be a rematch?

No, I'm the only medallist from the games in the K1w who will be here, the others decided to hang up the paddle for the season. I decided late that I wanted to race and I'm looking forward to being on the startline. I think it will be a really tough race because there will be a lot of women who weren't in Brazil who are hungry to race.

Jessica Fox at Glenbrook Gorge © Brett Hemmings / Red Bull Content Pool

This is the second-last contest before the final next week. How much would it mean to win gold in the K1 again after Brazil and finishing third last year?

I’m in a good position at the moment, sitting in the top three after three World Cups, but anything and everything can happen as the last World Cup next weekend is worth double points. I'm looking to get that good feeling I was searching for I'm Brazil and hopefully getting into those finals to race for the podium spot!

You're also back in the C1 and second overall. You're the reigning champ and world No.1. You must be excited to get back in the water and go for another double?

Yeah, I'm super excited to be back paddling in the C1 after predominantly doing K1 this year. I am finally feeling good on the water. It was hard at first because I hadn't paddled in C1 for about two months but I'm enjoying it and looking forward to racing again. We will see how it goes!

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