Here's a place you can adventure in total solitude

"This is what we do. This is home."
© Betty Wants In
By Red Bull Australia

Some adventures are hectic affairs - full of people, things to do and places to be. Other adventures, like this one, are the polar opposite of hectic.

Melbourne filmmaking crew Betty Wants In (Robbie, Drew and Chas) were in Sweden last year on a commercial shoot. Whilst they were there, they ventured into the Lapland region and Abisko National Park on a whim. They wanted to see the Northern Lights, and they weren't about to let -37 degrees temperatures stop them.

On arrival in Abisko, the trio found much more than just the Nothern Lights. They found a new, slower way of life they didn't expect to encounter, and crossed paths with Morgan, a dog sledder, and Tim, an ice fisherman.

Enamoured by the scene and by Morgan and Tims' respective outlooks on life, the Betty Wants In boys decided to put together this short clip.

"You grab your sleeping bag and you lay down to sleep, and there's not a can just totally relax," says Morgan in the video. "This is what we do. This is home."

It's a simple, sparse montage that echoes the simplicity and solitude of life in Abisko. And it makes us want to visit, right now.

Check out more work from Betty Wants In on their website.

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