This unicyclist is about to totally blow your mind

Not all unicycles are created equal.
© Opencut, Mark Fabian and Krisztina Szabó
By Red Bull Australia

If you think unicycling isn't that rad, think again. Because this footage of the insanely talented Mark Fabian proves otherwise.

Immense skill, insane balance, ridiculous stunts, great footage, killer soundtrack: it's all here. Fabian lays his environment to waste, as he jumps and rides all over it. The talent on display here is almost unfathomable.

Fabian wanted to shoot the video to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of him picking up a unicyle. It's apparent it wasn't a decade spent in vein. Prepare to have your mind blown by a bike with one wheel.

Check it out, and then perhaps go and try unicyling for yourself. It's not as easy as Fabian makes it look!

Credits: Opencut, Mark Fabian and Krisztina Szabó

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