When The Horn calls, this team fly to the rescue

An exciting new series follows real-life drama on The Matterhorn, the world's most iconic mountain.
Air Zermatt helicopter mid flight
Air Zermatt helis do thousands of flights annually © Original Media
By Steve Root

In the new Red Bull TV original docu-series, The Horn, the title itself is refers to two things. First and foremost it's about the show’s setting, the famed Matterhorn mountain peak in Switzerland.

It's here that the heroic protagonists – members of an elite rescue squad known as Air Zermatt – perform some 1700 missions annually to aid injured and stranded skiers, climbers and hikers.

But it’s also a nod to the station’s horn that blares when a call for help comes in, launching the team into action.

If the wail of that horn doesn’t instantly set your heart racing, you might want to check your own pulse, because it means someone, somewhere on that breathtaking, but sometimes life-threatening, wilderness is in distress. And you know in your gut it’s not just a call for an air drop of Ricola.

Take a look for yourself in the series’ trailer:


The six-episode show, which binge drops on October 17, is an up-close-and-personal look at a highly specialised group of selfless individuals who put their own lives on the line each time they set out to save someone else's.

A mission here means braving dizzyingly high altitudes, strong and unpredictable winds, hypothermia-inducing temperatures, climbs into bottomless crevasses and victim extractions from cliffs and icy slopes. All of which place the rescuers’ well-being at risk right along with that of the patient.

In The Horn, you’ll ride alongside the likes of Robbie, a heli pilot with nerves of steel and a humble, “I’m just a chauffeur” attitude; Simon, an experienced alpinist who doesn’t hesitate to lower himself into a crevasse suspended beneath a spindly tripod to save a severely injured victim; and Patrick, a paramedic who regularly performs CPR and immobilises broken limbs in places where it's sometimes hard to simply stand, let alone save a life. And those are just a few of the members of Air Zermatt.

Actual rescues, high stakes, real victims and true heroes. Don't miss The Horn on October 17, only on Red Bull TV.

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