Picture perfect: Urbexer Tim Frawley's best shots

This Sydney-based Urbexer picks out his favourite shots from years spent exploring abandoned places.
Self-portrait, Redfern, Sydney © Tim Frawley
By Eric Franks

Last month, we profiled Sydney-based Urbexer Tim Frawley and got the inside story on his love of urban exploration and photography.

So enamoured were we by Tim's striking photographs that we thought we'd drop him a line again to see if he could give us the scoop on his favourite shots to date. Thankfully, he obliged. And what we have here is a world-class Urbex virtual tour.

If this doesn't give you the bug to get out there and have a look around for yourself, nothing will...

1. The perfect frame

St John's Orphanage, Goulburn © Tim Frawley

"This is one of my favourite shots I've taken while exploring. I think it's down to the colours, the lighting and the desk and chair situated in the light. This was taken in a grimy orphanage that was largely trashed, but this particular room wasn't. This was the scene we saw up the end of the room, a bird shit covered chair and desk, both framed perfectly in the arch. The photo has a combination of cleanliness and grunginess - I think thats why I like it."

2. Love the way you line

The lines of Bathurst Gasworks, NSW © Tim Frawley

"I like this shot as there are lines everywhere. I’m a sucker for lines and angles! The light beaming through the gaps in the brickwork illuminates all the dirt and rust and helps give the photo a bit of a moody feel."

3. Hitler's hospital

Beelitz Heilstätten, Berlin © Tim Frawley

"This shot was taken on my honeymoon in Berlin at a place called Beelitz Heilstätten, which used to be a hospital. The place was used in the wars and even Hilter was treated here. I just love the architecture, the big archways, the doors, the staircase winding up the frame and the overall detail in the building. You can only imagine how stunning it would have been in its prime. Now, with paint peeling off the walls, it's a different kind of beautiful."

4. The bumper moustache

Spreepark, Berlin © Tim Frawley

"This was also taken on my honeymoon while in Berlin. Myself and a Berlin local I'd met in Ukraine teamed up early one morning and explored Spreepark - an abandoned amusement park - at sunrise. I just really like this shot of the cars with moustaches...how can you not!?"

5. Man vs. wild

Man vs. wild, Hornsby Quarry, NSW © Tim Frawley

"This shot shows a bit of a battle between man and nature. The old quarry has been closed, abandoned and covered with paint for years and now nature is starting to take over again. It’s a dark but colourful shot."

6. Squatter's frights

Squatters' paradise, Redfern, Sydney © Tim Frawley

"It may not be the most spectacular shot, but imagine wandering around an abandoned hospital at 6am in the morning and hearing loads of creepy sounds, seeing signs of squatters and junkies, then walking into a room and seeing all these tallies painted on the wall. It was pretty scary."

7. There's always a room with a chair

St John's Orphanage, Goulburn © Tim Frawley

"This was also taken in the abandoned orphange. This lone chair sat in a fairly untrashed room, while all the neighbouring rooms had been destroyed. For some reason, there are always random lone chairs in abandoned buildings."

8. Chernobyl funfair

Chernobyl, Ukraine © Tim Frawley

"I went to Chernobyl on my honeymoon (not your typical honeymoon destination) and this old school gym was one of the first buildings we visited. I like this photo for many reasons: I love the lines, the natural frame the beams provide, the ferris wheel, the buildings in the distance, the ghostly white trees speckled around... And then you've got the typical grime and rubbish in the shot too. I think it's that contrast of textures that contributes to the feel of this shot."

Want to learn more about Tim's adventures? Read all about it here.

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