This epic MTB adventure will give you goosebumps

*Books next flight to Scotland*
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By Red Bull Australia

Scotland is a long way away from Australia. But despite their geographical differences, the countries share a similar propensity for rugged and wild landscapes.

In this clip from Anthill Films, the Scottish wilderness is explored via two wheels and two men - Thomas Vanderham and Matt Hunter. The result is a mesmerising visual journey through one of the world's most beautiful places.

There's a philosophical bent here too, as a Scottish narrator waxes lyrical as the adventure unfolds. "Every adventure I've ever been on has had those moments," he says, "when the suffering of the climb slowly gives way...and the soul is cleansed."

If you're interested in heading to Scotland and tackling this incredible coast-to-coast mountain bike adventure for yourself, you'd to well to hit up the team at H+I Adventures.

Explore more of Anthill Film's handiwork over on their website.

Photography c/o Sterling Lorence.

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