This Tiger Shark footage is beautiful and crazy

Mind = blown.
© Wild Shutter Imaging
By Red Bull Australia

"Swimming with sharks" - three words that, when combined, most people don't like the sound of. But, as this incredible clip attests, they're three words that Lee Burghard and the team at Wild Shutter Imaging have absolutely no fear of.

Specialising in underwater filmmaking and photography, Lee and co. are no strangers to jumping in the water with a bunch of things with teeth. They're not at all phased by it though.

"Sharks often get a bad wrap with humans as being aggressive man-eaters, but as you can see from the video that was certainly not the case," Lee told Red Bull. "Their behavior towards our small group of divers was nothing short of calm, graceful, and respectful. Being in the water with these animals is majestic and an experience beyond words…"

Paradise Found: Moments from Tiger Beach was shot at Tiger Beach near Grand Bahama Island, in the Bahamas. The spot is famous for its Tiger Shark population but is also home to Lemon Sharks, Grey Reef Sharks and Nurse Sharks, among others.

Tiger Beach is so popular with divers that many of the sharks even have names and personalities that are known within the diving scene.They're the celebrities of the underwater world.

So, if you fancy going for a dip with a curious and seemingly friendly bunch of Tiger Sharks, you know where to go.

Full credits to Wild Shutter Imaging for this incredible clip.

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