Red Bull Storm Chase is back on the hunt!

When the next big storm hits the Northern Hemisphere, these brave windsurfers will be there.
By Josh Sampiero

There's a lot of things we don't know about Red Bull Storm Chase – but we do know this: it's the toughest windsurfing contest in the world, and it's happening again in 2017. What we don't know? When it's going to happen, or where. Huh? Let us explain. 

Red Bull Storm Chase is literally just that – a chase. Storm windsurfing is all about scoring the biggest waves and most wind – and that doesn't happen every day. So during the contest period, January 9, 2017 to March 12, 2017, eight of the world's best windsurfers will wait for a Force 10 or higher storm. And when that storm comes, they'll chase it down.

Think you have it what it takes to battle the storm? You can apply here to be considered for one of four wild card slots.

Want a better idea of what storm windsurfing is all about? Watch the action clip below to get ready for the storm. 

Storm windsurfing is simply crazy...

What will the event crew be looking for? Specifically, winds approaching 100kph and waves well over mast-high – epic conditions only the bravest and most talented windsurfers can even handle, much less dominate. Once a suitable storm is in sight, the location will be selected based on important criteria like access, logistics, and safety. Then, the action is on – and we guarantee that if a storm delivers, there will be action. 

Stay tuned to the Red Bull Storm Chase Facebook page and so you know when the storm is about to hit. 

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