Watch Drew Bezanson in training at Joyride 150

Find out how the Canadian bike star has been expanding his repertoire of MTB slopestyle tricks.
By Geoff Padmore & Charlie Grinnell

On this week’s episode of The Learning Curve with Drew Bezanson, we find him putting in time at the Joyride 150 bike park warehouse, near Toronto, in Canada. With the mercy of a foam pit, Drew hucks his way to perfection as he prepares for competitive action.

Using he foam pit is key because of how fast I have to learn this stuff. If I was going to do it the old-fashioned way, on a regular jump, we probably wouldn’t be filming right now!

Drew Bezanson

Click below to watch Episode One and Two of The Learning Curve.

Tune in next Monday and watch Drew head to Austria for a visit to 26Trix, and see how he deals with disappointment.

Learn more about Drew's journey into MTB slopestyle here.

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Drew Bezanson
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