Open water: Photos from a Finnish skate adventure

Always wanted a floating miniramp with in-built sauna? Check out some Finnish quality!
By Niall Neeson

Well, you have to hand it to the Finns – they don’t mess about. When Roope Tonteri decided to enjoy a mid-summer retreat at his place by the lake, he decided to take all the home comforts with him. Roope was joined by Farid Ulrich, Willis Kimbel, Eero Etalla, and maestro Jaakko Ojanen on a voyage into the unknown.

The result, as this photo gallery by Flo Hopfensperger shows, is a project of such ridiculous awesomeness that mere words can’t touch it. I mean, seriously – how much fun does that look? Next Tuesday the footage from this demented daydream drops right here, and you know it’s going to bang. Meantime, let your eyes drink it in and your imagination flow like water.

If you will it, then it is no dream.

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A dream come true
A dream come true
A dream come true While trying to shoot this, I wondered – is this a dream or is it reality? I was definitely clear-headed. Yeah, it's real: a floating miniramp! © Florian Hopfensperger
Jaakko Ojanen – Melon
Jaakko Ojanen, Backside Ollie
Jaakko Ojanen – Melon Jaakko Ojanen is one of the gnarliest dudes I have seen in a long time. He has everything on lock. If he isn't going for some tech wizardry, he is throwing down epic backside airs. Once you see the edit you’ll know what I mean! © Florian Hopfensperger
Farid Ulrich – Frontside Blunt
Farid Ulrich, Frontside Blunt
Farid Ulrich – Frontside Blunt Front blunts are rad looking tricks. If he needed to, Farid could do 20 in a row and each one of them would look better than the last. © Florian Hopfensperger
Willis Kimbel – Backside air
Willis Kimbel, Backside Air
Willis Kimbel – Backside air Sometimes getting the perfect-looking shot is a lottery. At this time of the day everything was perfect. Lighting, atmosphere, dope blue sky and stylish skating by Willis Kimbel. © Florian Hopfensperger
The midsummer party crew
The midsummer party crew
The midsummer party crew The best thing about skateboarding is the way you can feel at home with people who share the same loves as you. Big thanks to the whole crew for such heavy teamwork, and to Roope's parents for the hospitality. © Florian Hopfensperger
Board fetcher
Board fetcher
Board fetcher There were always going to be boards in the water. Always good to have a wingman to recover strays! © Florian Hopfensperger
Farid Ulrich – Frontside kickflip transfer
Farid Ulrich, Frontside Kickflip transfer
Farid Ulrich – Frontside kickflip transfer Once I realised the ramp could transform into a gap, my eyes nearly popped out of my head. Major frontside flip transfers by Farid Ulrich were a reality check. © Florian Hopfensperger
Eero Ettala – Backside noseblunt
Eero Ettala, Backside Noseblunt
Eero Ettala – Backside noseblunt The lighting was just right to snap Eero Etalla's backside noseblunt in the golden hour. © Florian Hopfensperger
Willis Kimbel – Boneless transfer
Willis Kimbel, Boneless transfer
Willis Kimbel – Boneless transfer Willis Kimbel knows how to make a boneless look epic. Fearless boosted transfer! © Florian Hopfensperger
Farid Ulrich – Backflip
Farid Ulrich, Backflip
Farid Ulrich – Backflip There was also a sauna below the ramp; for the ultimate Finnish sauna experience, Farid backflips into the chilly lake after a thorough steaming. © Florian Hopfensperger
Jaakko Ojanen – Tucknee
Jaakko Ojanen, Tucknee
Jaakko Ojanen – Tucknee It’s never totally dark in Finnish summertime. Jaakko Ojanen still going for tucknees at 1.30am. © Florian Hopfensperger
Midsummer party location deluxe
Midsummer party location deluxe
Midsummer party location deluxe To begin with the wind drifted the ramp around a little, so we needed kayak assistance to set us on course. © Florian Hopfensperger
Roope Tonteri – Backside air
Roope Tonteri, Backside Air
Roope Tonteri – Backside air Our adventure had to come to an end, but even while the craftsmen began to break down the ramp, Roope Tonteri added some moves straight into the water at sunrise. © Florian Hopfensperger
Willis Kimbel – Backflip
Willis Kimbel, Backflip
Willis Kimbel – Backflip Isn't it a dream to just try anything you want with no slams because you are landing in water? Willis Kimbel goes for the backflip, and managed it second try! © Florian Hopfensperger
Celebrating midsummer
Celebrating midsummer
Celebrating midsummer After an amazing midnight skate session, Roope's dad lit a giant bonfire in the middle of the lake. It was a fantastic feeling to know everything had worked out as planned on our adventure. © Florian Hopfensperger
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