Marie-France Roy

Snowboarding’s completely changed my life

Marie-France Roy carves a turn at Whistler, BC, Canada on 25 February, 2016.
© Chad Chomlack/Red Bull Content Pool

Hi, my name is Marie-France Roy. My discipline is snowboarding freestyle. My friends call me Mofo. I was born on 17 April 1984 in Quebec, Canada. My special talent is mountain biking. My philosophy of life is be good to others and love will always be around you. The most important person in my life is my dad . My favourite food is my grandma’s home made pie. My favourite music is whatever fits the moment.


Hailing from Quebec, Marie-France Roy (or ‘Mofo’ as she likes to be called), was born and raised at the foot of the snow-capped peaks of Mount Éboulements. She grew up surrounded by kids who skied, played ice hockey and generally had snowball fights all year round.

So it wasn’t long before Marie-France caught the snow bug. At 11, she was the proud owner of a pair of skis, but after seeing her older brothers shredding down the local mountain on their snowboards, she handed her skis back and joined her brothers on a board. The rest, as they say, is history.

Aside from being a Winter X Games and Abominable Snowjam veteran, MFR has picked up a number of awards along the way, such as the Transworld Snowboarding’s Woman Rider of the Year, Women’s Reader’s Choice, and the Women’s Video Part of the Year awards. She has also showcased her unique skills on a board, starring in several snowboarding flicks including See What I See, La La Land, Ro Sham Bo, Float, and No Correct Way.

In 2014, MFR, together with a group of environmentally-conscious snowboarders, who are inspirational for their sustainable lifestyles, worked on a non-profit snowboard movie/documentary called The Little Things. “Getting respect from riders and readers is better than winning the X Games,” she says. “Filming is the best representation of my riding, so it was really cool, like a dream come true." The film was launched in autumn 2014 and focuses on the importance of living in balance with our environment.

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Career Highlights

  1. 2009
    1. 6th Place: Winter Dew Tour Slopestyle

      Vermont, USA

  2. 2008
    1. 5th Place: Winter X Games Slopestyle

      Colorado, USA

  3. 2007
    1. 6th Place: Abominable Snowjam Slopestyle

      Oregon, USA

    2. 5th Place: Winter X Games Slopestyle

      Colorado, USA

    3. 4th Place: Honda Session Railjam

      Colorado, USA

  4. 2006
    1. 4th Place: Abominable Snowjam Slopestyle

      Oregon, USA

  5. 2005
    1. 5th Place: Burton US Open Snowboarding Champ. Slopestyle

      Vermont, USA

  6. 2004
    1. 7th Place: Burton US Open Snowboarding Champ. Slopestyle

      Vermont, USA