Top 5 places for early summer freestyle skiing

With the summer shred season upon us it is time you picked a place to enjoy some slushy skiing.
Fabian Bösch in Stubai
Fabian Bösch sends it over Stubai © Kyle Meyr
By Kyle Meyr

The summer ski season is here! With the last bits of snow retreating to the snowcaps and glaciers around the Northern Hemisphere, we thought we would help you decide where you are going to make your desperate last stand of the season.

Here are our five favourite places to find snow in the early summer ski season.

Fonna, Norway

Sebastian Tysse Öberg in Fonna
Fonna’s park is plenty playful © Kyle Meyr

This is a bit of a risky placement on the list, but there is a lot to this one-lift glacier in Norway that goes unappreciated. The expansive terrain is perfect for powder and backcountry skiing until June and the legendary Emil Fossheim immaculately shapes the park for good times. By the time the sun sets at about 23:00, you will have had five handfuls of fun and racked up one hell of a story to bring home to your friends. Assuming the weather plays along, that is. 

Mt. Hood, USA

Who has never dreamed of taking the trip out to live the ski bum’s dream at Mt. Hood, Oregon? The iconic American mountain has been the backdrop for many summer shoots and the home of iconic skiers like Eric Pollard and Sammy Carlson. Not to mention, Mt. Hood plays host to Windells camp, one of the most legendary summer ski camps around and self-proclaimed ‘Funnest Place on Earth’.

Whistler, Canada

Sean Pettit heli-skis at Whistler, BC, Canada
Sean Pettit heli-skis at Whistler, BC, Canada © Blake Jorgenson/Red Bull Content Pool

As in winter, Whistler remains legendary during summer. The Whistler glacier is home to two different summer camps – Camp of Champions and Momentum – both with parks that rival even the best you’ll find throughout winter. From massive kickers to perfect rails to full-sized half-pipes, Whistler offers a long summer of ski fun you’re going to want to be a part of!

Stubai, Austria

Fabian Bösch in Stubai
Fabian Bösch over Stubai, Austria © Kyle Meyr

Another classic European summer ski experience, Stubai is one of the first parks to open in the fall and the last ones to close in the summer. Currently, they are hosting the latest Legs of Steel shoot and boast one of the biggest parks open this late into the summer. Expect to be able to ski the legendary and scenic glacier until July!

Perisher, Australia

It’s not all leftover snow and glaciers for summer skiers. Australia, in its upside down ways, turns cold during the summer months and can offer the winter experience down under when we miss it the most up north. As if fresh snow wasn’t tempting enough, Perisher’s park is kept up to a perfect standard and flooded with pros way later in the summer months than the glaciers up north. “What’s the catch?” you ask? Flying around the world to summer ski isn’t your cheapest option… by far.

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