Goodbye Peru! The end of a magical adventure

Freeski world champion Nadine Wallner returns home, bringing along unforgettable memories from Peru.
Starry sky in Peru
Bye, bye, Peru – we'll be back © Andreas Vigl
By Thomas Wernhart

Hi guys,

What can I say? The trip to Peru was insane and a unique experience that also changed me as a person. No wonder coming home was quite a culture shock for me. I really got used to the hustle on the streets of Peru and the simple life that we found there – I even got to enjoy it.

Every day in the Cordillera – the land, the people, the culture and all the new experiences – felt a little overwhelming to us, but what left the biggest impression were the region's gigantic mountains.

Where there would be a summit cross in Austria, Peruvian people just go about their daily lives without thinking about the mountain giants in their own backyards. The dimensions and the living standards in Peru differ immensely from ours, and it wasn't always easy for us to find our place, but that makes us miss the Peruvian way of life even more.

Our goal for this trip was very ambitious and with such big mountains you never know what to expect. On our missions we were blessed with great experiences and got to know the area a little better, which I find really valuable. Unfortunately we couldn't go through with our plans, but as the saying goes: "The road to success is not a one-way street". We left, but next time we will finish what we started.


Next spring we will travel again to the Cordillera Blanca and I am already looking forward to coming back to this magical place. Hopefully, I'll be 100 percent fit and will be able to take on this huge mission.


Looking forward to share more adventures with you – until then I wish you all the best!

See you,

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