Get stoked for some early winter action

Summer getting you down? The best snow films from Red Bull TV online will get you pumped for powder.
Richard Permin freeskiing in the backcountry for Days of my Youth.
Steeep pow! Richard Permin having a blast © Blake Jorgenson/Red Bull Content Pool
By Steve Root

It’s the height of summer, weather-wise – beaches are packed, most of the northern hemisphere is sweltering – which means here at Red Bull, we’ve got snow on the brain.

What better way to get into the soon-to-be-winter groove than with a viewing of 2012’s Superheroes of Stoke? It's an adrenaline rush of a film (with plenty of laughs) that takes a look back at the sport of free skiing, while keeping its eye squarely on the future.

Matchstick Productions have been at the forefront of documenting free-ski style for more than 20 years, and this production showcases many of the stars they’ve featured through the years. The great Shane McConkey, Seth Morrison and Sarah Burke feature along with riders from the generations they inspired, like Cody Townsend, Sean Pettit and Michelle Parker.

This snippet of the antics puts the pow in powder:

Superheroes Of Stoke
Superheroes Of Stoke © MSP Films

Watch now: Superheroes of Stoke

If you're pumped for more, there’s plenty where that came from at Red Bull TV online. Boarders should check out Grilosodes, in which Slovenian phenom Marko Grilc and friends scour the globe for places most pros never touch. In Park Session With the Boys, Grilo and the gang celebrate the end of a long season of tough travel with a park-session blowout.

Marko Grilc in Flachauwinkl, Austria
Up in the air © Janez Kocbek/Grilosodes

Finally, in Blueprint 2, Pat Moore jetted around to some of the finest spots on the planet in search of awesome lines, humongous air and good times with some of the world's great snowboarders. And the Everyone Ender episode gathers the season's best moments into one helluva thrill ride. What better way to get pumped for the upcoming season?

Pat Moore Jump
Pat Moore Jump © Andy Wright

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