One rider’s endless search for the next… Ender

There are pro snowboarders, and there is Eero Ettala. This is his story.
By Jason Horton

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Almost 10 years ago, while working as editor of Method Magazine, I wrote a piece for our Radar section about a young Finnish snowboarder called Eero Ettala. Eero had spent his 21st year in style, earning the coveted closing section in Mack Dawg’s Follow Me Around. Remember: this was back in 2005/6, before the internet was flooded with shred porn, and when we still bought snowboard movies on DVD. Mack Dawg's was THE top film crew, and scoring the last part in his movie was HUGE.

In the article, I talked about how we’d watched Eero coming up through his teen years, full of fun, funny faces and bursting with talent. Talked about how in societies around the world turning 21 marks the time when a boy becomes a man. And how Eero had marked this rite of passage well – by producing easily the most progressive part of the year. I talked about his riding:

In the air, he’s as good as anyone; huge corner hits, switch double backflips and a double backside rodeo 1080 prove that. On rails, he’s not just as good as anyone – he’s better. A big claim? Maybe. But the riding speaks for itself.

– Method Magazine, issue 7.6

The article wrapped up by saying we couldn’t wait to see what he’d got for us next. Looking back at Eero’s first ‘ender’, it was clear from the start that he was something special and, even then, we knew we were watching a legend in the making.

Today, a decade later and with so many banger video parts, magazine covers, contest wins and invented tricks to his credit, it’s time to tick the final box on any True Legend Checklist: the solo film project.

Ender: part retrospective, part profile of a snowboarding legend who is still out there, pushing the limits and perfecting his craft – the making of an Ender.

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