iF3 headliner: A new age for the Traveling Circus

Prepare yourself for the greatest episode of the Line Traveling Circus ever at the iF3 webcast!
Andy Perry, Will Wesson and LJ Strenio of The Traveling Line Circus freeski filming crew jump on a van
Andy, LJ and Will in all their glory! © Will Wesson
By Kyle Meyr

Live at the iF3 webcast on RedBull.com on Thursday, September 24, The Line Traveling Circus is about to blow your mind with their latest and greatest episode yet. The beloved crew of creative souls takes their show across seas to China and Korea, hunting for the most unique urban spots in the world in Fried Ice.

"We definitely found a couple of unique things to do," says Will Wesson, co-founder of the series, "but there wasn't so much snow." Shaving together just enough snow from the 2cm on the ground, the boys managed to find an urban gem in Chongli, China – planned host of the 2022 Winter Games. All that was left was the tow-in for speed.

"We figured, 'We’re in China and we can't really communicate,'; our weird ideas don't always translate well," says Wesson. "Our guide located a scooter out of nowhere… and we managed to hit this crazy roller coaster rail thing with a moped tow-in on a sidewalk."

Freeskier Will Wesson of the Traveling Line Circus riding a rail in China
Will Wesson takes on a new rail © Will Wesson

Despite the inconveniences of the language barrier and the blisteringly cold minus-30-degrees-C weather, the Traveling Circus managed to create one of the best episodes to date. In classic Traveling Circus style, the guys kick off this season with clever skiing, culture shock and their signature makeshift skiing style.

LJ Strenio hikes a spot in Korea during filming for the Line Traveling Circus's latest episode Fried Ice
LJ Strenio hikes a spot in Korea © Will Wesson

Although the crew and antics remain the same, don't expect the same format from this and future episodes. "This year we're trying a different format, not quite episodes but more towards mini movies," says Wesson. This season, Traveling Circus episodes – jokingly called 'megasodes' by Will – will be meatier, with more content from each location.

We wanted to focus on quality rather than quantity.

– Will Wesson

Wesson attributes the longer episodes to cheaper travelling costs (more content from each stop means less travelling) and longer weather windows: "The shorter weather window you have, the less chance you can get favourable weather."

This season will see three or four episodes of the Line Travelling Circus, each 15–20 minutes long.

You can get ahead of the game and check out Fried Ice, the first episode of this season, live at the iF3 webcast here on RedBull.com on Thursday, September 24, from 3pm to 7.30pm EDT (7pm to 11.30pm UTC).

Grab your friends and make some popcorn, you won't want to miss this!

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