Watch Sean Pettit’s winter kick-off

Welcome to the premiere of Keep Your Tips Up – your first serving of the finest Canadian freeskiing.
Sean Pettit filming epsiode 1 of Keep Your Tips Up in Whistler, Canada
Sean Pettit, films Keep Your Tips Up in Whistler © Blake Jorgensen
By Josh T. Saunders

Sit back, press play below and enjoy as Sean Pettit and the Super Proof team kick off their ski season in Whistler. Coming off an ankle injury last winter, Pettit is eager to get his skis back on the snow.

The season might be off to a slow start, but not for Pettit. Besides shooting for Super Proof’s latest film, The Masquerade, there’s a full house at the Pettit Palace. The guestlist includes their newest room-mate, The Groovemeister, back in town, almost 55 years old… and turning pro.

Watch Keep Your Tips Up, Episode 1:

© Blake Jorgensen

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