Best Trip Ever! Knut Eliassen in Lofoten, Norway

Surfing and splitboarding in the Lofoten Islands, one of the world’s most beautiful locations.
By Jason Horton

When it comes to talking about the best job ever, Nitro Team Manager Knut Eliassen might just be a contender. Unlike most TMs, whose lives seem to revolve around a small orbit of desks and contests: at desks, they book their team’s flights and hotels, and re-book their missed flights; at contests, they’re either taking their rider’s podium photo… or taking them to hospital.

Not so with Mr Eliassen. Knut’s job seems to consist of thinking up fantasy destinations to send his team… and then to go with them. Zero pressure to pull a double cork on a sketchy spot, maximum authority to call first dibs on a powder line: “Guys, I need you to wait here until I’ve checked the snow integrity, OK?”

So when we asked the guy with the best job ever to tell us about his Best Trip Ever, we knew it would be a good one: Knut has been around, including a dream trip to Gulmarg, India last year. But Knut chose his most recent trip, to Norway’s Lofoten Islands, way up inside the Arctic Circle. Why?

“There is nothing more magical than being able to splitboard up and down and around the mountains from sunrise to sunset, which in Lofoten is from 2am to 1am (23 hours). It doesn’t hurt that you are always surrounded by a 360 degree view of the fjords and ocean!”

Check back Wednesday, 4 November, here on for the video edit of this amazing trip!

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Elias Elhardt, Method Air
Elias Elhardt performs a Method Air in Lofoten, Norway
Elias Elhardt, Method Air When Elias gets excited about a feature, he usually kicks out a method. As you can see here, he is more than stoked to be taking his first run from peak to sea up in Lofoten. © Markus Rohrbacher
Erik Botner, Arctic surfing
Erik Botner surfs in Lofoten, Norway
Erik Botner, Arctic surfing Erik Botner decided last year to move away from city life in downtown Oslo, Norway to experience the beauty and freedom of the Lofoten Islands. Erik was the perfect host: after a long day of splitboarding, he would take us surfing – visit to stay with Erik. © Markus Rohrbacher
Mountains and sea
Landscape in Lofoten, Norway
Mountains and sea Some views are better than others… and in Lofoten, the views are always better! © Markus Rohrbacher
Elias Elhardt, Frontside 360
Elias Elhardt performs a Frontside 360 in Lofoten, Norway
Elias Elhardt, Frontside 360 “We saved this for our last day. The way up wasn’t easy. We had to wade through an ice-cold fjord on a million stinging mussels and also do some climbing to get up. But once I was on top, the view was mind-blowing, with fjords all around me and an amazing-looking run in front of me.” – Elias © Markus Rohrbacher
Markus Keller, powder slash
Markus Keller rides in Lofoten, Norway
Markus Keller, powder slash Markus Keller was born in the Swiss Alps, and is used to being in the mountains, but he was not used to riding from peak to sea every day. The views were so amazing it was hard to stay focused on ripping slashes like this on the way down. © Markus Rohrbacher
Nils Arvidsson, Frontside 540
Nils Arvidsson performs a Frontside 540 in Lofoten, Norway
Nils Arvidsson, Frontside 540 “This was after a tough hike to the top of a mountain. It was crazy windy during the hike, but when we reached the top it was somehow protected from the wind, and completely silent. The view was amazing, and we found this spot to shoot before riding down at sunset. Doesn't get much better!” – Nils © Markus Rohrbacher
Elias Elhardt, from peak to sea level
Elias Elhardt performs in Lofoten, Norway
Elias Elhardt, from peak to sea level At the end of each day, we would take a glory run from peak to sea. Here, Elias enjoys the magical evening light on his way down one of the most scenic runs any snowboarder has ever taken. Slashing and bashing his way down this Arctic face with a typical Elias Elhardt smile from ear to ear. © Markus Rohrbacher
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