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Watch Northern Exposure – a short film about an epic trip to the back of beyond.
Elias Elhardt performs in Lofoten, Norway
Elias Elhardt, from peak to sea level © Markus Rohrbacher
By Jason Horton

Ask any pro rider (any snowboarder at all) about what they love most about snowboarding, and there are two answers that you’ll hear time and time again. “Having fun with your friends!” they’ll tell you, like it’s the first time anyone ever thought of it. “Being in the mountains, surrounded by nature!” they’ll tell you on the chairlift, doing another lap of the snowpark.

But you know what? These answers might be clichés, but they’re true. As human beings, the needs to bond with our fellow human, connect with Mother Nature, and explore new places are as deeply ingrained in us as the need to eat, drink, breathe and laugh. So it’s no surprise that when it comes to our preferred flavour of snow porn, nothing beats a good old-fashioned travel edit. No need for triple corks or ultra slo-mo when you’ve got a crew of friends exploring one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

And that’s exactly what happened when Nitro team-mates Elias Elhardt, Markus Keller, Nils Arvidsson and Knut Eliassen headed north to explore Norway’s Lofoten Islands. Located way, way up inside the Arctic circle, the Lofoten archipelago has lots of the good stuff (stunning scenery, epic mountains), very little of the bad stuff (pollution, people), and with 23 hours of sunlight every day, all the time you need to hike your ass off – there are no lifts here.

Besides being great for the environment (and your glutes), there’s nothing like hiking up a mountain to build team spirit, and the boys sure built plenty of that, as you can see in this awesome little edit… Enjoy!


© Markus Rohrbacher

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