See how Matilda Rapaport faces her fears in Alaska

The Swedish freeskier talks happy and horrifying experiences in the Alaskan backcountry.
By Marion Schmitz

There's a feeling that is shared by skiers all over the world. It's nothing you can teach, learn or explain. It's something you feel. Something you know. This feeling is at the centre of new video series, A Skier Knows.

In this fourth episode, Swedish freeskier Matilda Rapaport describes how it felt to get ripped down a steep face by a massive avalanche and partially buriied in Alaska – and why she nevertheless came back to expose herself to the same dangers again. Fragile but tough, mind over matter – this is as candid as it gets.

Matilda Rapaport rides through powder in Japan
Powder action © Oskar Enander/Peak Performance

We asked Mathilda what A Skier Knows means for her personally...

“It’s a situation which any skier can relate to and that usually puts a smile on their face – it connects us all,” she says. “One example for me is the distinct click when stepping into my bindings and the resistance when buckling my boots. Then I’m ready to take the first turn and all the waiting before getting to the top is over.”

Portrait of freeskier Matilda Rapaport
Matilda Rapaport © Oskar Enander/Peak Performance

And what fascination does Alaska hold for her?

"Skiing in AK is very special to me."

I’ve had my most memorable moments as a skier in those steep and wild mountains – both the most euphoric and horrifying ones.

"I wanted this edit to have a very honest and personal approach and share those special moments and what skiing there means to me."

– Matilda Rapaport

If you're impressed by Rapaport's skiing and attitude, follow her new adventures and challenges on her Facebook page.

Matilda Rapaport rides down a mountain in Alaska
Riding in Alaska © Oskar Enander/Peak Performance

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