Watch Seb Toots’s new video project All 8

See the Canadian snowboarder land all eight variations of a 270 onto a rail in one line.
Snowboarder Seb Toots filming his new snowboard video project All8, where he lands all eight types of 270 onto a downhill in one line
Seb Toots filming for All 8. © Scott Serfas/Red Bull Content Pool
By Christina Krcevinac and Charlie Grinnell

Sebastien Toutant raises the bar for technical riders everywherein his new video, as the decorated athlete completes all eight variations of a 270 onto a downrail in one consecutive line. The X Games medalist set out to reveal the art and skill required in today's rail riding in the project.

Watch All 8 in the video player below.

"The more you try, the more likely you are likely to eventually succeed. I hope that fellow athletes are inspired break the mould in their respective sports and chase goals of their own," Toots reveals. "I plan to try a few more firsts for me during this competition season."

Shot over two days on a uniquely designed course at Val Saint-Côme Resort in Quebec, the crew wanted to provide an authentic skate-style perspective by capturing the feat in one continuous shot.

For the full story behind the All 8 project, check out the story below.

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