See The Method Movie trailer – it rocks!

The legendary European snowboard magazine is making a movie, and it’s gonna be awesome.
Nils Arvidsson performs a Frontside 540 in Lofoten, Norway
Nils Arvidsson, Frontside 540 © Markus Rohrbacher
By Jason Horton

If you know anything about European snowboarding, you’ve probably heard of Method Mag, the free magazine that’s raw to the core and strictly deals in keeping it real. Over the years, Method Mag has taken many forms, from its origins as Europe’s first snowboarding website in 1994, to becoming the first pan-European video magazine in 1998, the first combined DVD and print magazine in 2003, and to today’s free mini print magazine, found only in authentic snowboard shops. But one thing Method had never got around to doing is making a full-length movie. Until now.

The trailer is out now, and it’s everything you’d hope for from a name that is synonymous with snowboarding at its rawest. Tonnes of heavy spots attacked by a cast of very legit urbanists, and plenty of powder to cleanse your palate in between courses of cold steel and concrete.


Watch The Method Movie trailer here:

With a crew of riders that includes big names like Eero Ettala, Ethan Morgan, Ludde Lejkner and Nils Arvidsson, along with talented up-and-comers Max Zebbe and Antti Jussila, this is unmissable.

The full movie is due to drop in October. It will be screened first on Redbull TV and here on So until then, crank up the volume and enjoy this first taste of the awesomeness to come.

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