You Will Never Believe This Was Shot On A GoPro

    This new video by Zac Moxley pushes the boundaries of what a 'hobbyist' camera can produce.
© Zac Moxley
By Charlie Grinnell & Seetoh Lang

It's no secret that the camera world is always changing. From the advent of digital cameras to the popularity of filmmaking on DSLRs, high-quality footage can now be achieved with equipment far more accessible and affordable than it was just 5 years ago. 

Playing a big part in the democratization of camera equipment is GoPro. The company's hardy little cameras have become ubiquitous in action sports, and an increasing amount of GoPro footage has been making it's way onto the big screen. Films like the Art of Flight feature GoPro footage right alongside clips from high-end cameras like RED and the Cineflex. 

It's a fact that GoPros can put out surprisingly good footage, but how far can a filmmaker push its quality? This new video from Whistler's Zac Moxley answers that question. Shot in just 3 days, Moxley treats the GoPro like he would a DSLR, using drones and gyro stabilizers in combination with some very clever editing to show the best of Whistler's multi-sport action. The result shows the true power of a GoPro when put in the hands of a talented filmmaker, and proves that it's not the tool, but how you use it. 

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