Jonny Durand sets new Declared Flight World Record

Aussie hang glider, Jonny Durand, today snatched a new World Record flight of a declared goal of 561 km, after flying from Zapata to Sterling City in 9.5 hours. The previous record of 517.23 km has been held by American Pete Lehmann since June 2002.

A mixture of the latest cutting edge technology produced by Sydney based Hang gliding manufacturer Moyes Gliders and the extreme conditions found in Zapata, Texas USA have made this record breaking effort possible for this world class athlete.
Jonny Durand is Australia’s great white hope for the upcoming 2013 World Hang gliding Championships to be held in Forbes NSW. Earlier in July, Jonny flew 761 km in an attempt to set a new long distance world record. This record was eventually taken by Dustin Martin, who flew past past Jonny in the final minutes of the 11 hour tactical battle, where the two covered enormous distance, using only natural occurring thermal air currents.
Timothy Ettridge follows Jonny's flight as his road retrieve driver by use of a “Spot” tracker and they also stay in audio contact by radio. Glider pilots, friends and family from round the world have tracked Jonny during his 9-hour flight via his spot tracker for this nail biting sporting achievement.

What now for Jonny? He's already looking at the forecast for later in the week as conditions in Zapata could be improving. Will he go for the 1000km mark? Is there anything Jonny can't do?

Stay tuned for more..


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