Nitro Circus Live Special Greg (c)

Nitro Circus Live marks its first-ever US show when it hits Las Vegas on June 4, and Travis Pastrana and pals are planning 10 world firsts to celebrate. In anticipation of this earth-shattering event, here are 10 of their most awesome record breakers so far...


Aaron ‘Wheelz’ Fotheringham nails the first-ever front flip in a wheelchair during the New Zealand tour.


Andy Buckworth lands the first ever BMX double front flip no hander in Hamilton, New Zealand.


The world-first special flip performed by ‘Special Greg’ Powell during the Nitro Circus Live Australian Tour.


Australian rider Mark Monea score the first-ever front flip 360 on a FMX bike.


11-year-old Storm Gale becomes the youngest person to ever jump the gigant-a-ramp.


Andy Buckworth pulls off the first-ever Superman Double Frontflip 


Jaie Toohey brings home the world's first Triple-Tail-Whip-Backflip.


Travis Pastrana makes an X Games legendary moment with a Double Back Flip FMX Freestyle.


Travis Pastrana takes it a step further as he BASE jumps into the Grand Canyon.



Travis Pastrana pushes it to the limit as he skydives over Costa Rica – without a parachute!  



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