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K-Os and Dragonette brought their own dynamic sounds and voices, but delivered a seamless collaboration at Red Bull Soundclash in Calgary’s WildHorse Saloon Tent on July 10th. Less a competition, more a creative collaboration, Red Bull Soundclash is a unique clash of sounds, style, and creativity, where two bands with totally different music backgrounds collaborate to create an innovative live music performance. Today, K-Os and Dragonette delivered on the concept and challenge, performing through different musical challenges while on opposite stages and all to a single audience 1,100 fans. The ultimate aim is not to win, but rather to have both artists exchange musical ideas and to give the audience a truly unique experience.

 This Ain’t No Rodeo

Red Bull Soundclash was broken down into four rounds of musical conversation:

The Cover (the creative round): Both bands played their take of Franz Ferdinand’s ‘Take Me Out’, while putting their own artistic spin to the Scottish quartet’s number one-hit.

The Takeover (the spontaneous round): Both bands played their own songs and during the middle of that song, the other artist took over and completed the song in their own style, allowing for a true musical conversation. The crowd’s aural experience bounced back and forth from each stage with new versions of K-Os’ ‘Sunday Morning’, ‘Born To Run’ and Dragonette’s ‘Pick Up The Phone’ and ‘I Get Around’.

The Clash (the innovative round): Each band played their own songs in 3 different styles (e.g., country, lounge and disco). K-Os’ ‘Man I Used to Be’, ‘Spraying My Pen’ and ‘Burning Bridges’, gave fans something new to hear from his hip-hop repertoire, while Dragonette’s new arrangements on ‘Big Sunglasses’, ‘Take It Like A Man’ and ‘Easy’, showed the diversity of this skillful pop band.

The Wild Card (the mysterious round): Both bands picked an artist of their choice to join them on stage and be part of the performance. In true Stampede form, four line-dancing cowgirls joined Dragonette on stage for their song ‘Gone Too Far’, while Kingston’s very own Bedouin Soundclash joined K-Os on stage for his hit ‘Crucial’.

The Final Round (both bands together): This round saw both bands together on one stage, performing a hyped of version of The White Stripes’ ‘Seven Nation Army’, while Martina Sorbara of Dragonette added her own vocal flare by singing in lines from the Eurythmics’ ‘Sweet Dreams’.

The event was hosted by Neo-Soul showman Curtis Santiago (founding member of the Canadian collective The Hi-Phoniqs) and followed by bass-thumping DJs sets from Smalltown DJs and Team Canada DJs.

Two bands, two stages, once in a lifetime...from Dragonette’s fierce command of the stage and crowd, to K-Os’ musicality and stellar live performance, this was a concert experience unlike any other.



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