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Still true blue, after all these years: Join the Jungle Brothers for a cozy Red Bull Music Academy Radio Fireside Chat.

The Jungle Brothers were formed through the high school friendship of Nathaniel "Afrika Baby Bam" Hall and Michael "Mike G." Small. Mike brought family friend Sammy B into the mix and soon after the Jungle Brothers were born.

Signed to Warners, their debut album "Straight Out the Jungle" was a seminal record for East Coast hip-hop, simultaneously establishing the jazz-licks and sense of fun that would characterise the success of De La Soul's "3 Feet High and Rising", and breaking the mould even before it had set by collaborating with Todd Terry on the massive - and opinion dividing 'I'll House You'.

Collaborations with dance music producers have come to shape the more recent output of Mike Gee - nowadays flying the Jungle Brothers flag with Sammy.

But even their last LP "Raw Deluxe" held a few golden era gems, despite being released several years after it was completed. Here Mike Gee - one of the friendliest men in hip-hop - talks us through his career and pays tribute to Roc Raida along the way at a fireside chat for Red Bull Music Academy Radio


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