Red Bull Divide and Conquer Boombox


Participants are encouraged to use one vehicle for team/ gear transport. Following registration, the kayaker on the team is responsible for dropping off the runner at Cleveland dam (race start) and the mountain biker at Grouse Mountain for stage preparation. Following this, the kayaker on the team is required to drop off kayak and the gear at the start stage for the river leg. Once the gear is in place, the kayaker on the team is encouraged to return their vehicle to the lower parking lot at Grouse Mountain. A short shuttle will be provided to transport kayakers back to his/her start position on the Capilano river.

Runners should provide their mtb team mate with a gear pack including hydration, snacks and warm/dry gear. Red Bull Divide and Conquer will run rain or shine.

Once stage is completed, runners are asked to download the gondola and pick up the vehicle from the lower Grouse Mountain parking. Keys will be left in a drop box in the parking lot and tagged with the team #. From here, runners are encouraged to make their way to the finish zone located at Ambleside park.

Mountain bikers once completed are asked to ride from the kayak transition to Ambleside (easy ride and almost all downhill). Runners on your team should have vehicle parked at Ambleside where warm/ dry gear etc.. is waiting (snacks and hydration will be available on location).

Kayakers close out the race finishing an ocean leg upon completion of the Capilano River. This is the final stretch completing the circuit in Ambleside park. 1st Divided team to Conquer the course takes the win.

The winning teams will share a cash purse of $4,000 plus $4,000 in prizing from The North Face.

1st Team: $2,100
2nd Team: $1,200
3rd Team: $700


10:00AM: START


* Anticipated race times are from 5 - 7 hours.


  • Hydration if needed - Additional refreshments will be provided at the finish
  • Runners - Suitable apparel and footwear.
  • Mountain Bikers - Suitable apparel, helmets, other protection ( knees/elbows recommended but not mandatory) Trails are a mix of climbing and descending through Vancouver North Shore. Cross Country bikes are welcomed but the 5” to 6” all mountain bikes are recommended.
  • Kayak: Suitable apparel including dry tops and approved PFD’s, helmet, paddle, Creekboats 9ft and under
  • Boat selection: Creek boats mandatory (You’ll appreciate this on the ocean leg)
  • The dam will be opened up if needed on the Capilano River to insure the perfect volume . Kayers must be confident and capable in class III whitewater.


· Kayakers must be confident and capable in Class III whitewater. River volume will vary based on dam release, but should be in the perfect volume range at this time of year.


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