Gettin Rad at the Red Bull 1988 Games (c) Jeff Thornburn/Red Bull Content Pool

On Saturday March 21st, 2012, Winsport Canada's Canada Olympic Park was host to the 80's throwback competition Red Bull 1988 Games. With perfect conditions the stage was set for the most radical ski contest to hit Calgary since…uh…well, since 1988.


Groups of neon wearing, mullet sporting athletes arrived to sign up and the energy was high as they donned their race bibs, grabbed some neon Ray-Bans and headed to the top of the course for the athlete meeting. 32 Athletes (and I use that term lightly) grouped in teams of 4 geared up for the round robin races. As the races got underway it became obvious who the top contenders were.  Sack of Door Knobs continually finished first in their heats followed closely by Whirly Birds and Rat Pack. As the weather continued to warm up and the snow became slushier, the teams’ competitive spirit really came out as we witnessed bumping and roosting while trying to gain top position on the downhill course.  At the end of the Chinese Downhill it was Chernoblies in 1st, Mourning Wood in 2nd - Sack of Door Knobs & Rat Pack tied for 3rd.


The Retro Big Air was where the 80's magic happened and a clear winner was decided. Each team had 2 tries to hit the jump as a group. The spectators were treated to starting performances of acrobatic ski ballet routines, radical 80's dance moves and finally an impressive display of back scratchers, daffys, twisters, spread eagles and even some back flips! Once the yard sales’ were cleared off the course as teams pushed the limits to come out on top, it was Sack of Door Knobs that took home the top prize. Whirly Birds came in 2nd with their final jump being a topless spectacle, and Chernoblies rounded out the top 3 with American Flag banana hammocks flipping through the arches. Emcee Bob Moguls picked a member of #thatawkwardmomentewhen for top wipe out of the day - a girl who'd never skied a day in her life but threw down a spread eagle to tail bone landing that had the whole hill cheering.



Chinese Downhill

1)     Chernoblies

2)     Mourning Wood

3)     Sack of Door Knobs & Rat Pack (tie)

Retro Big Air

1)     Sack of Door Knobs

2)     Whirly Birds

3)     Chernoblies


Some feel that the styles, both in clothing and ski technique, of 1988 should remain buried in the archives, but for one day this March they took top billing much to the enjoyment of all that competed and attended Red Bull 1988 Games.


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