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Tell us about Boogie Howser.
My artist name was previously Captain Kirk, but it was chosen for lack of a better name so I’m making the move to Boogie Howser. I’m a producer/dj/guitarist/drummer interested in layering ambient sounds and swung beats lying somewhere between dubstep, hip hop and garage. The guitar pieces I work on are mathy, optimistic sounding riffs made for a drummer/guitarist or band setting.

What attracted to you music and more specifically to your sound?
I think watching hours of music videos on tv as a kid played a role in getting me hooked on music. Years later, I wanted to learn guitar, which got me into making some really noisy tunes, but I’ve always worked on integrating softness into the sound as well. After religiously attending an electronic festival for a few years, I was listening to all sorts of tunes, started up a vinyl collection, and a close friend showed me the basics of what I needed to start making beats. Some of the things that attracted me to my sound was a love for tunes that had a ‘late night vibe’, hypnotic, ambient techno, glitched out, chopped R’n’b vocals, and a fascination of swing in electronic music, specifically in dubstep and garage at first, and then hip hop.

A lot of artists are now ‘slash’ artists and you have been describe as such (i.e. instrumentalist/DJ/producer/vocalist). Do you see yourself as more one than the rest?
I couldn’t say I’m more one than the rest because I’m trying to fit it all in, but right now if I could pick three I would say I’m a producer/dj and guitarist.

What’s it like performing live in your hometown?
In Edmonton, there’s tons of support for independent crews putting together shows and house parties. There’s more interest in electronic music right now than there used to be so bands and djs have been teaming up to put on shows with a wide variety of music. People have an open mind for what can go together here.

What do you hope to achieve with your musical projects?
Through musical projects, I’m hoping to get a broadened perspective on the way I perceive music and an incredible network of new musical friends to learn from and connect with.

What made you apply to Red Bull Music Academy?                                                                                                                                       I attended an info session/show in Calgary with mymanhenri, Lunice, Ango and Prison Garde to get details. Amazing show by the way! After that night I thought I should give it a shot because they said it was open to anyone musical and they said people are invited from all over the world from different backgrounds and skill levels. That interested me because of the depth of learning one can attain from the different schools of thought, which are truly infinite!

What do you know of Madrid?
I don’t know very much about Madrid, but when I think Madrid, I automatically think of Bugs Bunny bullfighting for some reason. I hear from many people that it’s an amazing architectural city though and anticipate experiencing culture and life in a country outside North America for the first time.

Can you describe your reaction when you realized you were selected?
After deciding it was all real, I felt excitement for days about getting to collaborate and learn in the future with the fellow participants. I think this is one of the, if not the greatest opportunity I’ll get to be inspired and inspire others in the process.

What are your musical must have’s when travelling (equipment)?
Laptop, soundcard, headphones, and external hard drive. If I could lug around my midi keyboard I would!

Who can you not stop listening to at the moment?
Young Montana?, Fitz Ambro$e, Ta-Ku, Space Kid, Kan Sano, the Midnight Eez, Wagon Christ, Mono/Poly, Machinedrum, OL.

Describe your music in three words.
Rain Cloud Love.


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