Under My Wing with Colton Facciotti Dan Mathieu/Red Bull Content Pool

Under My Wing with Colton Facciotti kicked off on Saturday morning with Colton introducing himself and talking about his background. Then, students attended media training, where they learned the role of media, how to conduct media interviews, what to do/what not to do around media, and social media training to help them build their network and build themselves as a brand as they develop their career.

After lunch, everyone packed up and hit the track, which was at partner facility X-Town in Mirabel. The afternoon consisted of working on starts, which everyone really needed help on, corners, braking, and racing lines. Walking the indoor track with Colton really helped the riders understand how he approaches each section of the track. Sunday morning started with a course walk on the big outdoor track, which once again helped the students with their racing line, and how to approach berms, jumps, and ruts. They opened up the track at 10am, and Colton observed them hitting the sections, taking them off the track and working on fixing what they were doing wrong.

In the afternoon, JSR (Jean-Sebastien Roy) talked about career planning, sponsorships, and training. The team went back to the big track, and told them that they needed to set their best individual lap time to win a special prize.  After a three-lap race, Kate McKerroll from just outside Barrie, Ontario crossed the finish line half a second before Michael Da Silva to win!

Under My Wing Students:

Alex Morin
Jeremy Pronovost
Michael Da Silva
Danick Richer
Jason Benny
Cassandra Belanger
Richard Grey
Dave Blanchet
Kate McKerroll
Stanly Clair


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