The Red Bull Racing Can is a university racing series. Up to 24 participants compete per race on a set course with custom RC-cars. But to ensure fair play, the chassis of all cars are the same. It’s the body of the racers, its aerodynamics and particularly its design that make the difference. And that’s where tin metal joins the race! The body, aerodynamic features and design will be exclusively made of Red Bull cans. Because when it comes to the scores in this race, a can can make a difference!

However, it’s not enough to be the first across the finish line, like Sebastian Vettel. You also need an outstanding racer. After all, the judges and fans on the internet and social networks will rate looks and a clever technical design of the body. This helps guarantee a good start position – and loads of extra points!

The fastest and best design will win... and catapult the winners of the local qualifying races into the national finals. But that’s definitely not the end of the race! The national champion and his technical expert get to fly straight to the Red Bull Formula-One Racing Headquarters in Milton Keynes, UK, where they will compete with the national champs from 25 nations in the World Finals of the RED BULL RACING CAN.


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