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Robbie Maddison (AUS):
“The stadium is awesome. It’s such a huge footprint. It’s a massive course. It’s cool that we can circumnavigate the center and get close to all the fans, which is going to make for a really action-packed night. I’m sure we’re going to get a great atmosphere. The atmosphere in Rome is just awesome. I love Rome, the ancient city. This place is putting a smile on my face. So far I’m having a lot of fun.”


“I’ve got a few new tricks for Rome. I’ve got the body-varial (volt) up my sleeve, it’s where I let go of the bike and spin around. I did it last year in Madrid and won there. But I just haven’t been able to land it since. I broke my wrist and didn’t do it for eight months. Last week I managed to do 12 of them to the dirt at my house. I kind of got it consistent and feeling like, as long as I’m feeling comfortable out there I’m gonna do a body-varial and hopefully it’s enough to win the judges scorecard for the night. It’d be nice to taste a victory this year."

“We have a few issues with the amount of moisture in the course. It’s really dry out there and the water on the top is becoming kind of a problem. I’m sure the guys will sort that out. I’m sure we’ll work out way up from here."


Blake Williams (AUS):
“I’m just getting back to full speed to where I was about two years ago. Since my injury at Russia last year I’ve had three surgeries and I didn’t ride for about six or seven months. I’ve only been back on the back for about four or five months. I’m just getting more comfortable each time I ride. I’ve got a few of my tricks back so I’m pretty stoked. The course is big and pretty technical so it’s going to be a tough one. There’s a lot of area to cover in 90 seconds.

“It was pretty funny jumping the police bike yesterday. I didn’t know there was so many police in the stands too. They were all cheering and standing up. It was pretty cool to have some slick leather boots on. I looked the part but I’m not sure I’d want to wear an Italian police uniform all the time with the white leather strap over your shoulder. I wouldn’t want to be a motorcycle cop in Italy, but maybe Australia. The language barrier here would be a problem for me.”

“I’d like to get on the podium here, for sure. I really want to get on the podium. I need to step up my game in qualifying. That cost me a podium in Dubai. I got fourth there. First place without a trophy,”


Andre Villa (NOR):
“Rome is a great city and there’s nothing that needs to be changed about that. But the track needs some changes on the dirt. It needs way more water and that’s being put on it right now. We need more consistent watering. But in the end it’s going to be a great event."

“I’ve got a couple of new tricks, but nothing new for freestyle. Just new for me. I feel alright here and hopefully I’ll get a podium and maybe a win. My goal is to win but I’ll be happy with a podium.”


Dany Torres (ESP):
“My feet are much better. A few days I rode at home and did every trick. And I feel good. Not perfect, but I can ride. When I crashed I actually broke five bones on both feet. At first the doctor at the hospital told me it was three broken bones but a month later another doctor told me I had two more broken bones and I said ‘why didn’t the doctor tell me that before or why didn’t he see it?’"

"Last year I won here for the first time. I like the crowd here and I hope it’s the same this year.

It’s almost like a home event for me. It’s similar to Spain here, it’s close to Spain, just two hours in the plane. I like it here. I feel the crowd here when I’m in the track in Rome. I feel the heartbeat of the crowd.”

Massimo Bianconcini (ITA):
“It’s a really good track, really technical. I can’t wait to ride here. There was a little problem with the water, they put too much on it and it’s a bit muddy."

“I’ve been in freestyle for 10 years but I got my first bike when I was three. My first motocross event was when I was six years old. Now I’m 31 so I’ve been on bikes for a long time."


“At 3 I rode a pocket bike for the first time. My dad and my uncle had a shop to repair bikes. They had a lot of passion for bikes and I inherited this passion. I can’t stop riding. “


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