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3 genres, 8 DJs, 15 Minutes. Winnipeg finest DJ will showcase their skills and lay down some tracks on Thursday, October 6 at Rock Bar. Red Bull Thre3style has ignited clubgoers across Canada and beyond and will continue to do so in 10 cities across Canada featuring eight of the best local DJs throwing down their best party sets. The challenge: each DJ needs to deliver 15 minutes of sonic infamy that incorporates a minimum of three genres of music. The constant: a pulsating, all-in all-out crowd. Capping each night is a special headlining performance from Canadian DJ legend Skratch Bastid.

Red Bull Thre3style: The Infinite Playlist

The tools: Two Technics 1200 Turntables, one Rane TTM57 mixer, terabytes of tracks and years of sleepless nights djing, That is the pre-requisite for 80 of Canada’s best DJ’s as they sort through millions of songs and potential mixes to prepare for the ultimate live DJ party competition.

Red Bull Thre3style will feature the industry’s top talent – music writers, musicians, promoters, bloggers and headlining DJ’s – judging the DJs, evaluating each performer based on Originality/creativity, track selection, skills, stage presence, and audience response. The winner of each stop will move on to the National Final set to take place in Toronto on Saturday November 12 at Sound Academy.

Bringing it back to it’s roots, 2011 will mark a milestone as the World Finals will be taking place in Vancouver on December 12 – 17 as the world’s top DJs will be battling it out for ultimate turn table domination.

Battling DJs:
DJ Turbulence
Hollywood Hype
Tha Coach
DJ Hypnos
|Ric Hard

Skratch Bastid

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