Red Bull Crashed Ice

Andreas Rüegge


How did you hear about Red Bull Crashed Ice first?
I saw it on TV.

Why did you decide to compete?
It's a perfect mix between ice-hockey and snowboardercross.

First Red Bull Crashed Ice or where and when have you competed so far?
I was in Davos in 2008.

What skills will help you most at Ice Cross Downhill?
Practicing ice-hockey and snowboarding.

How long have you been preparing for this event?
I've been practicing by playing ice-hockey and snowboarding.

Do you have a hockey/ice-hockey background?

What is your favourite sport and why?
Snowboarding. I just feel great freedom when I'm out there with nature.

Your greatest sporting achievements/best results?
I was the best Swiss Crasher in Lausanne 2009.




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About Andreas


First name: Andreas
Last Name: Rügge
Place of birth: Frauenfeld
(City/Country): Switzerland
Place of Living: Basel
Nationality: Swiss
Profession: Student