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Colton Facciotti’s ability to navigate the whoops is only the tip of the iceberg when determining what separates him from all the other motocross riders. Born in Aldergrove BC, Colton is a naturally talented athlete that is viewed by many as one of the top emerging pro riders in the industry. His sheer strength and athletic ability have allowed him to consistently dominate anything in his path.

If you’re thinking to yourself “this guys sounds unbelievable”, your on the right track. Remaining extremely humble is only part of the overall plan when plotting his next move. If everyone in this world were a little more like Colton Facciotti, this world would be a much better place.

After starting to race motocross at the age of 14, he turned pro in 2002, and has collecting over 40 amateur titles in the process. By staying true to his “have fun and love what you do” philosophy, he has realized his goals and continues to experience the most that life has to offer.

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2007 - 2nd Place - MX1 National Title
2008 - MX1 National Title
2009 - 2nd Place - Montreal Supercross