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A Life of Snow

Marie-France Roy was born in the snow. Ok, not really, but there was a good chance there was snow on the ground. Born and raised in her hometown of Les Eboulements, Quebec, Marie-France can’t recall an April 17 birthday without snow and ice surrounding her. “I come from a beautiful little town,” she says with a big smile. “The natural thing for most kids is to play hockey, ski, and have giant snowball fights!”

When it comes to the story of how she got started in snowboarding, Marie credits her two big brothers. “I remember my first day on the mountain with my Dad and brothers,” says Marie-France. “My Dad and I were on our skis, and my brothers had snowboards. I kept falling and thought what they were doing looked way more fun. So that was the end of my brief ski career!” 

Marie-France may have followed her brothers into snowboarding, however she’s anything but a follower. MFR, as her friends know her, likes to create and maintain her own style. “It has always been important to me to be myself, and not what the industry or snowboarding scene wants me to be,” she says. “Hopefully I have a good long road ahead, and to be successful, I can’t ever forget who I was before my pro snowboard career began.” 

Remaining grounded is what keeps MFR true to her east coast roots. Those that know her best know she’s just as happy to talk about punk rock or explain how to land a huge Frontside 720.

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2005 – TWS Rookie Of The Year