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"I don't make any more mistakes than the rest"

Interview - Levi Sherwood

Levi Sherwood is the youngest rider ever to compete in Red Bull X-Fighters – and also one of the insider favorites at the season opener in Mexico City. How the New Zealander is feeling ahead of his first big FMX event, he disclosed in an interview.

Only 17 and already a Red Bull X-Fighter. How do you feel being among the stars?

I feel good. I already knew a few of them before, and I’m not stressing about the big names or the huge event. I just want to ride as well as I can.

Is your lack of experience a disadvantage for you?

Maybe, maybe not. I’m also adding some new flavor. The judges like that.

Your rivals see you as one of the favorites – if your nerves are up to it. They say you’ve got perfect technique but don’t always manage to pull off your brilliant tricks.

I don’t see it that way. I don’t think I make any more mistakes than the rest. But, yeah, I’ve still got a lot to learn.

What’s your goal at the contest?

I’m not telling ... But I’m already looking forward to the first training session.

Interview - Levi Sherwood

Interview - Levi Sherwood

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