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On day number 5 out of 39, the boys relax in Amsterdam. Day 6, on the other hand, is the complete opposite: From trying to find ipods and cables at Lily’s place to selling CDs on the street to jamming on a boat in the Dutch canals – all in one day!

The last two days’ highlight was definitely the boat ride through the Amsterdam Grachten: Getting to see a city from the water is a different experience than just walking around it. Luckily the day is sunny and warm and the general atmosphere in Amsterdam relaxed. People are sitting on the streets having coffee, chatting away and laughing.

The boys find a boat rental that is willing to rent out a boat for half price – the charming manager is impressed with their journey and knows that he was going to make enough money the next day with the gay parade on the doorstep.

A rucksack packed with CDs and T-Shirts, a speaker, and our four dreamy heroes transform the boat into a comfort zone. They start their cruise along the canals in the afternoon sun, place the speakers facing the busy cafés on the streets and rapped their hearts out. Their song “Chapter of Summer” fit the scenery perfectly.

The first few meters are a bit slow, but after that the ball is rolling. Other boats are floating by, the canals and cafés are packed. CDs and money keep passing through hands from out waterside cafés to the little motorboat and back.

People from houseboats and other floating vehicles are clapping hands, dancing to the beats and asking for more. Fuelled by this sudden success, the boys are unstoppable. They even invest an hour longer on the boat than actually planned. This change of schedule costs them another 25 Euro, but the fun is worth every cent.


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